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3 Reasons Why Pilates Is Perfect for Rotational Sports

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Have a look at this great article on why Pilates is perfect for Rotional Sports.

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3 Reasons Why Pilates Is Perfect for Rotational Sports
By Ada Wells, MPT, PMA-CPT, Level 3 TPI-Medical Fitness Professional

World Series fever is in full swing…literally.  Did you know that the sequence that impacts movement efficiency for rotational sport athletes (aka kinematic sequence) is the same for a golfer swinging a club, a baseball player swinging a bat, a pitcher throwing a ball, a volleyball player spiking a ball, or even a boxer throwing a punch.  To have a good kinematic sequence, the athlete needs to possess the mobility and stability in all the right places, along with the coordination and balance to achieve the desired effect.  Pilates is a great way to create balance in the athlete’s overall program. Here are my top 3 reasons why Pilates is perfect for rotational sports:

  1. Pilates is all about HOW ones moves.  Athletes can pick up faulty movement patterns over the years…

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