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Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

PreNatal Pilates

Peacock Pilates offers live and interactive private PreNatal Pilates, Post Natal and AnteNatal Pilates sessions (via Zoom).  We help our clients stay toned or increase tone during pregnancy. No equipment is needed. 

Watch our short video below to find out why Pilates is so effective and important during pregnancy.

Most doctors highly recommend Pilates because of its many benefits. Mothers-to-be and new mothers need to feel fit and strong and keep on eye on their posture.  During pregnancy the body constantly changes, which affects balance, centre of gravity and ligaments to become lax.  Doing Pilates while pregnant is a safe way to exercisewithout putting pressure on joints.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates include:

  • Stronger stomach, core and pelvic muscles that help with carrying the baby and childbirth
  • Improved posture and taking the strain off the back and pelvis
  • Helps to regulate fatigue levels and improve sleep
  • Decreased chance of blood clots, varicose veins, leg cramping and swelling
  • Towards the end of the pregnancy, Pilates can help get the baby into the right position for birth
  • Teaches how to relax and control breathing, which is important for both pregnancy and labour

To book your private Pre-Natal Pilates Session or for more information, email Peacock Pilates

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