Peacock Pilates Online

Private Pilates sessions via video link tailored to your needs – no equipment needed

Why Pilates?

Peacock Pilates London is an exclusive boutique Reformer studio in London W2 3RE which offers 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 private Pilates sessions on the Pilates equipment (Reformer, Pilates Chair and Cardio-Tramp.)

Benefits of equipment Pilates

  • Safe and injury free way to tone up
  • Great way to improve posture, balance and flexibility
  • Highly effective way to rehab/ recover from an injury
  • Pre/ Post Natal women can strengthen muscles effectively and safely
  • Improve body awareness
  • The Pilates equipment can really spice up your current exercise regimen and help transform your body

Find out more about the many benefits in our video below:

To book your private Pilates session or for more information, email Peacock Pilates

To read what some of our clients say about Peacock Pilates, click here to visit Google Reviews.

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