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Pilates Chair

The Pilates Chair AKA The Stability Chair or Wunda Chair is a fantastic piece of apparatus, designed to take your Pilates to the next level.

Peacock Pilates proudly presents the Pilates Chair in this short video below:

Whether you are a Pilates Pro or an Elite Athlete, it offers very gymnastic and balancing challenges. It is also highly effective for beginners and for pregnant or injured clients who have difficulty getting on and off the Reformer.


Using the same principles as Reformer Pilates with spring resistance, the Chair increases strength and tone.  Due to less support, it’s  harder so you get results EVEN faster.  It adds variety and mixture to your work out, creating long, lean and balanced muscles.  The Chair specifically targets the core but it also tones, strengthens and stretches nearly every muscle in the body.

Everyone can benefit from exercising on the Chair but it is those who want to take their Pilates to the next level who will gain the most from this great piece of equipment.

To book your 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 private Pilates session or for more information, email Peacock Pilates.  By appointment only, no walk-ins.

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