Peacock Pilates Live Interactive Classes

Live mat Pilates classes (via Zoom) – no equipment needed

Commonly asked questions for interactive (live) Pilates

Common Qs and As (please read if you’re a newbie)

Booking and Zoom class link and cancellation policy

How do I book a class? Please click here to book a class.

When do class bookings close? 15 minutes prior to the start of the class otherwise sadly you may not receive your Zoom link in time.

I have booked in now so when do I receive my Zoom class link and password? Upon booking you will automatically be sent the Zoom link from MagnaPass (online Booking system). If you do not receive it then please first check your spam/ junk folder. Please ensure that you add, and to your email contacts list so their emails don’t go into your spam/ junk folder. 

I have checked my junk/ spam folder and I still can’t find the MagnaPass email with the link? Please contact as soon as possible so there is time to send you the link. The cut off for receiving the link is 15 minutes before the class time.

I need to cancel my class? If you need to cancel your group class then please cancel via MagnaPass a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the class otherwise you will be charged in full. If you cancel over 24 hours before the class then a new class will be credited back to your account for future use (1 month expiry).

Can I buy a package? Yes there are packages of 5 classes available. All class within the package must be used within 1 month from the date of purchase otherwise they will expire.

The class itself

I’m all booked in what do I need for the class? Just a towel, a mat (if you have one) and some water.

What is the Family Fun Pilates class? Family Fun is a 30 minute class suitable for ALL members of the households. Adult supervision is required at all times with children. We will all move and jump around and have lots of fun. No prior Pilates experience is needed and the cost is per household not per person.

What should I wear? Work-out gear. Shoes and socks not needed.

When should I log on for the class? Please always log on a few mins before class starts.

Will people be able to see or hear me? All participants will be muted once class starts but you can unmute yourself at any time.  If you prefer not to be seen, then you are welcome to turn your video off.  However, for the full class experience, I highly recommend you keep your video (plus you’re less likely to slack off!).  If you do turn it off, then please turn it back on for quick chat at the end of class.

What device should I use? Ideally a laptop but a phone works too.  If you want to be seen (by me!), then angle your device so it looks down on the full length of the mat (or your work-out area).  If possible place your mat horizontally to your device.  It should be somewhere you can easily see and hear it. It may be necessary to occasionally move your device around during the class.

What if I feel pain during the class? If you feel any back (or other) during any of the exercises, please reset your spine (child’s pose or a similar stretch) and try it again.  If the pain continues (even if mild) then don’t continue with that particular exercise, breathe and wait until the next exercise. Listen to your body.  Pilates should be challenging but never, ever painful.

Will this class be suitable for me if I’m a beginner or I haven’t done Pilates before? Absolutely, all classes are suitable except for Mondays and Fridays’ Intermediate/ Advanced classes. Just take it easy and make sure you listen carefully to the cues (and your body!).

Is it ok if other family members or my pets join in the class? ALL family members and pets are more than welcome (free of charge). Some exercises may not be suitable for kids but they are welcome to give it a go. There is a special Family Fun class targeted for children on Friday’s at 3pm.

Which classes are suitable for you

What if I’m injured, will these classes still be suitable? If you have an injury then please notify Peacock Pilates at least 24 hours prior to the class, with details of your injuries by email.

When will I be ready for Fridays’ Intermediate/ Advanced Classes? Please participate in at least 5 other classes before you are ready. This class is not suitable for beginners, pregnant women or people with injuries.

What if I’m pregnant, which classes will be suitable? Please obtain clearance from your doctor before joining any class. Certain exercises may need to be modified or may not be suitable. Please advise Peacock Pilates at least 24 hours prior to the class by email along with confirmation of your doctor’s clearance and details of how many months pregnant you are.   Fridays’ Intermediate/ Advanced class is the only class not suitable for you.

Medical Disclaimer

Always consult your Doctor or other healthcare provider before taking advice, changing your diet or starting an exercise program.  It is your responsibility to make your Peacock Pilates instructor aware of any changes in your health condition.

Peacock Pilates is not able to provide you with medical advice with regard to your medical fitness and that the information is used as a guideline to the limitations of your ability to exercise safely.

Your participation in these activities involves the risk of injury and even the possibility of death. Furthermore, you are voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise, which has been recommended to you.

You assume full responsibility for any injury, loss or damages that may result while exercising or participating in any activity hosted or provided by Peacock Pilates.

By reviewing these conditions, you hereby waive all claims against Peacock Pilates for any and all injuries, claims and damages that you may incur online during your class.